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Our Services

We Have Various Services Available to Meet Your Needs

We have many services available, including commercial and residential design builds and remodels of all shapes, sizes, and styles.

Commercial Construction

What distinguishes us from others is our expertise and network of trade partners. We specialize in turning your business vision into reality, from ground-up construction to tenant improvements.

While we can handle virtually any construction project, our specialties are in boxed tilt wall structures, design-builds, mixed-use buildings, restaurants, and strip malls.

We hit the mark every time.


Residential Construction

Our residential building services include custom, semi-custom, track homes, townhomes, and apartment builds. Our interior design team will work with you to create a customized plan, and our architectural and MEP teams will lead the design process to bring your vision to life. With a large network of subcontractors and a full management team, your project will be guided by a dedicated superintendent and project manager to successfully guide your build through the entire process.


Pre-Construction services involve evaluating, planning, and analyzing activities before construction to guarantee a smooth start to the construction phase, often during the design process. Early engagement is crucial for effective Pre-Construction services. The general contractor typically participates in design meetings with the A/E team and owner, offering information and suggestions. Some Pre-Construction services include value engineering, design assistance, budgeting, and scheduling. One major aspect of Pre-Construction services is constructability analysis, a review where the general contractor uses their experience to assess if the design is buildable as intended. Factors considered in determining constructability include means and methods, material availability, and equipment capacity.


Value Engineering

Value Engineering evaluates the materials, products, and features designed and specified to find more cost-effective alternatives that still meet the intended purpose. While anyone can suggest cost reduction, value engineering is a skilled approach that requires knowledge of products and material availability. Value means something different to each client, and to evaluate value versus cost, several factors must be considered, such as the long-term cost of a paving option that is cheaper upfront but requires more maintenance. Without considering costs and conducting a life cycle analysis, it is difficult to determine the actual value. Early Value Engineering in a project is beneficial as it prevents additional redesign fees and construction time loss in case an alternative is chosen.


Design-Builds are a method that replaces the traditional division between design and construction teams with a single, accountable point of contact. The owner contracts the general contractor or Design-Builder for both design and construction services. The Design-Builder, the design team, and the owner then collaborate as a single unit from the very beginning, resulting in improved communication, collaboration, and rapport, reducing the potential for adversarial relationships. The transparent format of the Design-Build process fosters open communication and accountability, resulting in more efficient use of team resources and time. For instance, design errors become the sole responsibility of the Design-Builder, which in turn reduces the project timeline with a little bit of overlap between the design and construction phases.


Tilt Wall Construction

Tilt Wall Buildings are office structures that are commonly 2 to 6 stories tall and built using the tilt wall construction method. They are considered "value" buildings due to their lower cost when compared to traditional steel-framed office structures. The cost advantage comes from the building's exterior "skin" serving as a load-bearing component, eliminating the need for perimeter columns and beams. Despite the cost savings, Tilt Wall Buildings still have the same interior core features as conventional steel-framed office buildings.

Medical / Dental

A Medical Office Building (MOB) is a type of commercial building specifically designed for medical practices and healthcare providers. It typically contains examination rooms, treatment areas, and administrative offices for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. MOBs may be standalone structures or part of a larger medical campus and often provide convenient, centralized access to medical services for patients. The structure of a MOB is stronger than the structure of a general office building due to the increased weight of the various medical equipment.



Design/Assist is a service where the general contractor works together with the owner and design team before finalizing the design plans. The contractor can address any construction issues early and minimize potential redesign costs caused by changes in design. Design/Assist also includes conceptual estimating, which is budgeting an idea to check its financial feasibility. This process starts with a rough sketch in a meeting, and the contractor must consider the cost of making changes to the design concept. This helps determine if a change should be made to the original design.

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